Louisiana License Plate Lookup

Louisiana License Plate Lookup

When you buy a used car in Louisiana, it is more convenient to check the history and condition of your vehicle beforehand. It can be done through the Louisiana License Plate Lookup services. And if you own a car in Louisiana you will need to title and register your vehicle.

In order to use the License plate lookup, you need to enter the vehicle’s plate number at the website and see the results. You can also do a lookup by visiting the county’s local office.

Louisiana License Plate Lookup

In order to get information about the vehicle, you are going to buy you need wither to contact 225-925-6146 or visit the website of the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles. So you will need to fill out the request form and wait for the answers,

This way you may obtain the following license plate or vehicle information:

  • First of all, you can check if the owner of your car is a company or an individual. But, take into account that you cannot get the owner’s name, tel. number, or other personal data.
  • Second, you may see the vehicle’s condition, where and when it was manufactured, who sold it initially, and so on.
  • You can as well check out if your vehicle was crushed, flooded, or destroyed as a result of a storm or earthquake.
  • Finally, you can see the vehicle’s VIN number

Everyone who lives in Louisiana and owns a car is required to have a license plate on their vehicle. In actuality, the license plate is issued by the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Division (DMV). Louisiana doesn’t require you to have a license plate on the front side of your vehicle.

Getting your Louisiana License Plate

If you live in Louisiana and have a vehicle, you must register it at your local OMV to drive it legally. You need to register your vehicle within 30 days starting from the day you buy it.

If you have moved to Louisiana recently you must visit the nearest OMV within three months.

In order to register your vehicle in Louisiana, you need to complete an application form, provide the vehicle’s title and documents of insurance. You will also need a valid driver’s ID and checks of payments you have made.

Louisiana License Plate Types

In Louisiana, you can choose and obtain two types of licenses: standard and personalized.

Louisiana Standard License Plates

If you do not want to get a personalized license plate, you can get a set of standard Louisiana license plates. Standard license plates have a white backdrop with blue text. The state name is written across the top in red. You may also select from a range of customized license plates for your car. You can apply for a special license plate that permits you to park in handicapped parking spaces if you have a disability. This license plate is issued only to people with permanent disabilities.

You must display your license plate on the rear of your car for everyone to see. The sticker you receive at registration must attach to the right side of your car.

Louisiana Personalized/Customized License Plates

If you apply for a personalized license plate, you need to choose what should be written on it. So you may select a phrase, a quotation, or some distinctive characters. You may also mix and match the letters and numerals.

But, take into account that you cannot use any vulgar words or something offensive. In reality, you may purchase your personalized license plates online, via mail, or by visiting a DMV office. You can use the Louisiana License Plate Lookup to see whether the characters you’re looking for are accessible.

To determine your license plate’s unique number, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose up to 7 characters.
  • For motorcycles and handicapped plates, you can enter up to 6 characters.
  • Make use of letters, numbers, and spaces.
  • Don’t use improper language.

Vehicles for organizations, charitable groups, and businesses in Louisiana may have a unique design. The criteria for this style of license plate vary by state. You may be required to make a donation in order to get your customized license plate.

As a result, these licenses are accessible for:

  • Military personnel applying for a license plate
  • Classic automobile owners
  • College and university vehicles
  • Organizations
  • License plates of particular relevance, etc.

Personalized license plates in Louisiana are $25. You will also need to pay $3.50 of the administration fee and about $8 handling fee. As long as your personalized license plate is not approved you don’t need to make any payment.

Your application may be denied for one or more reasons, check out our Louisiana banned license plates page for more details.

Military License Plates

Veterans, war prisoners, and current military personnel are eligible for Military License Plates from the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles. There are several sorts of license plates, which are classified depending on the awards and fields of military employees. To obtain the military plate, you must present documentation proving that you are or have been a military worker. After you will need to fill out the application form and submit all the documents.

If you are currently working in military service, you need to contact the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles and apply for a license plate. The Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles issues veterans the “Special Designations” license plates.

Disabled Veterans require a letter from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs indicating a 50% disability in order to apply for a Disabled Veteran License Plate. In this case, the veterans need to fill out the DD214 application form.

General documents for a military license plate in Louisiana are the following:

  • Proof of identity
  • Documents proving you are or have been in a military service
  • For disabled veterans, the medical documents showing at least %50 disability

In many cases, you don’t need to pay any fee for a Louisiana Military License Plate.

Fees for License Plate in Louisiana

So if you want to get a new license plate you will need to pay 3.75 dollars for a single plate and 7.50 dollars if you buy plates for both sides.

The VIN inspection of your new vehicle will cost 5 dollars and also you need to pay mailing fees. However, the latter varies from county to county.

Dealers who want to obtain a plate must pay 24.15 dollars for a Dealer Plate and 175 dollars to renew it.

Louisiana License Plate Renewal

Louisiana requires you to renew your registration every two years. You will get a reminder message before your license expiration date with information on when and how to renew your license.

You will need your Louisiana driver’s license or another form of identification, your Louisiana OMV renewal postcard, and a valid credit card or debit card to renew your license plate online. The website will assist you during the entire procedure. You may also renew your license plate at your local county office. When applying in person, you must bring the same papers.

You will get a new set of decals to replace the old ones on your license plate. Renewal costs generally differ in Louisiana depending on the individual and vehicle.

Please note that additional costs such as administrative fees, taxes, and so on may apply at your county office.

Replace your License Plate

If you have ever lost your license plate or registration, or someone has stolen it, you can request a replacement. If you do not have the plate on your car, you may be fined since the plate serves as confirmation that you have completed all payments related to your vehicle.

In order to apply for a replacement, you will need to visit the nearest county office, fill out the application form, provide your Louisiana’s driver ID and make payments.

Whenever you decide to apply, you will need to have the following with you:

  • Complete and Signed Louisiana DPSMV 1799 application form
  • Police report or affidavit declaration for vehicle application (some locations)
  • You will need to provide your vehicle’s title, registration, etc.
  • And finally, you must make the required payments.

The fee for a license plate renewal is $10. You will also need to make a payment of $8 for the service fee. The sticker also costs $10 with $8 of the service fee.

Transferring/Surrendering License Plates in Louisiana

In Louisiana, you cannot transfer your license plate to someone else. This is only applicable if you transfer the plate to trucks or trailers. You cannot precisely determine the fees of the license plate transfer. It’s better to check with your local OMV office.

Whenever you decide to sell your vehicle, need to cancel your vehicle’s insurance, or just are moving to another state/country you can apply for a license plate surrendering.

You can surrender your license plates in person or by mail to an OMV office.

In case you decide to visit the OMV office, you will need the following to surrender your Louisiana License Plate:

  • You need to bring your license plate
  • Provide the photocopies of the vehicle’s documents
  • Also, you will need to have a valid ID issued by Louisiana State

Fees for Louisiana License Plate, Registration, Title

You may also need to pay additional taxes and fees when buying a vehicle in Louisiana. You usually need to make the payments to the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles.

According to the Sales Tax Handbook, extra fees and levies include the following:

  • Your Louisiana vehicle title fee of $18.50
  • To transfer your license plate you need to make a payment of $3
  • A registration fee in Louisiana is from $20 up to $80
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