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Driving is about high responsibility! Drive in a responsible way both for your life and for the lives of other people. If you are from Louisiana or move to Louisiana and want to drive there, here are important things to know about driver’s license.

Requirements and actions to obtain driver’s license in Louisiana

If you have a residency in Louisiana and want to drive a car on the streets, the first thing you need is a driver’s license. Louisiana’s new residents have only 30 days from the confirmation of their residency to get a Louisiana license. Here are the actions:

  • Your first step is applying in person (go to your local Office of Motor Vehicle)
  • Your second step is bringing required documents
  • Your third step is passing a vision test
  • Your fourth step is paying the fee

The required documents:

  • You must provide proof of identity documents-a main one (e.g. birth certificate, passport, Louisiana ID card, etc.) and one additional document (e.g. insurance card, high school diploma, etc.)
  • You must provide Social Security Verification
  • You must provide proof of Residency
  • You must provide proof of Insurance for every vehicle

If you are a non-immigrant Resident Alien

  • you must bring your current passport with documents from Homeland Security, which will show your status in the United States
  • you may need to provide additional documents for the proof of identification, depending on your status in the United States

Minors must come with their custodial or guardian parents, who need a proper ID. They must bring a Certificate of Required Attendance from the school. But if they are homeschooled, they need the Approval Notification Letter or Home Study.

Driving license prices and expiration date

There are different prices for a driver’s license in Louisiana depending on which of the classes you need.

So here are the prices and expiration date for every Class of Louisiana driver’s license:

  • Class E – total $32.25 for 6 years
  • Class E (70+)- total $18.75 for 6 years
  • Class D- total $54.75 for 6 years
  • Class D (Orleans)- total $66.00 for 6 years
  • Class D (70+)- total $34.13 for 6 years
  • Class D (70+ Orleans)- total $39.75 for 6 years
    Learners Permit- total $32.25 for 6 years
  • Motorcycle Endorsement- total $20.00 maintain current expiration
  • Duplicate License- total $17.00 maintain current expiration

The most common Class of driving license in Louisiana

Class E is the common driver’s license, as it allows to drive any personal and farm vehicle under 10.000 pounds.

Louisiana driving license requirements for obtaining a Class E driver’s license.

  • Firstly, you should attend the Louisiana Department of Public Safety’s driver’s education course.
  • Secondly, you should be present for 6 hours of pre-licensing training and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel trainings.
  • Thirdly, you should take proof of identification (e.g. a birth certificate, current military ID and passport, etc.) with you
  • Fourthly, you should provide a verification number of Social Security from the driver’s Social Security card, a printout or letter from the Social Security Administration, or a W-2 form.
  • Lastly, you should provide proof of identification from the secondary identity documentation.

Steps to renew a driving license in Louisiana

  1. At first, you must enter renewal information
  2. Then, admit the fee payment
  3. And lastly, look and print the receipt

Requirements for Louisiana driver’s license renewal:

In order to renew your driver’s license, you must:

  • Provide Louisiana driver’s license, which is in your possession, as you cannot have two driver’s license
  • Provide valid credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover)

You cannot renew your license on the internet, if your address is changed than what you provided last time. Louisiana Law requires your current address to appear on your license. You must go to OMV for renewal.

For an electronic commerce a Service Charge will be included for the license renewal following Louisiana Revise Statue 49:316.1.

Louisiana Law requires that all registered vehicles must be covered with the required limits of insurance of legal responsibility provided under R.S 32:861.

Out-of-state transfers in Louisiana

When you apply for an out-of-state transfer, you must pass a vision exam. If you submit an application, you must have a valid Louisiana address.

If you have a valid or expired out-of-state license, you must follow the steps:

  • Firstly, give the out-of-state license, as it is not allowed to have more than one driver’s license
  • Secondly, provide one primary and a secondary document
  • Thirdly, provide your social security number
  • And lastly, provide proof of insurance on any personal registered vehicle in Louisiana

If you don’t have your out-of-state driver license, you must present either a letter of clearance or an official driving record from your last state of residence. This letter must include your personal information (name, social security number) and your driver’s license number. You must correspond to all identification and social security requirements.

Hardship driver’s license in Louisiana

A hardship driver’s license is a limited license given to a person, who can drive only under certain circumstances: life necessities, the medical hardship and earning for life, etc.

This kind of license is given to a Class D or Class E license, and only for chauffeur and personal vehicles.

Your license can be suspended for many reasons (e.g. driving without insurance, under the influence or lack of child support)

If you want to have a hardship license in Louisiana, you should bring a petition from your residency district. If the court changes something, it means you need re-petition. When you have a hardship license, you must always keep it with you while driving.

Steps for getting reinstatement status

This service is free. To get a reinstatement status you will need the following details:

  • Provide driver’s license number
  • Provide the last 4 of your Social Security Number


  • The first one is your request for a document that contains a personal information
  • The second one is a procurement for illegal purpose
  • The third one is criminal or/and penalties
  • The fourth is a civil action
  • The last one is re-disclosure and resale.
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