Louisiana Banned License Plates

Louisiana Banned License Plates

If you decide to drive any type of vehicle legally in the State of Louisiana, then you should get a license plate. But before getting one you must be sure that it does not contradict the State requirements. So this article may give you important knowledge about the banned license plates in Louisiana.

Types of license plates in Louisiana

Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles (LA) – DMV requires license plates for all vehicles such as trailers, trucks, cars, motorcycles.
You must apply for a license plate within no more than 60 days after purchasing your vehicle.

Louisiana has two types of plates. First is the standard, which shows when the date of the registration of your vehicle expires. The second type is the specialty plate, which includes military, personalized, organizational types.

The Standard passenger vanity plates include these types:

  • State-issued Pelican
  • Plain
  • Bicentennial
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Battle of New Orleans

You may see non-passenger plates below:

  • Private truck
  • Commercial
  • Motorcycle
  • Temporary
  • Dealer
  • Antique
  • Disabled
  • Boat trailer
  • Private bus
  • City use truck
  • Public
  • School bus
  • Apportioned
  • Trailer
  • Truck

And you can get also specialty plates divided into these types:

  • In God We trust
  • American Indian
  • Animal friendly
  • Gold Star Family
  • Volunteer Firefighter
  • Tulane University
  • Marine corps
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Professional Firefighter
  • Disabled veteran
  • Ex-Prisoner of War
  • Army veteran

This list is too long and includes so many types as the State of Louisiana has a big variety of custom plates.

Consider that you may apply for the custom plate via Email, in person, or online. And after getting the plate you may check it via VIN or title number.

Custom Plates in Louisiana

If you want to submit the license plate, then you must get the registration for your vehicle first. Then you can apply for the license plate. After this, the Office of Motor Vehicles will send you a confirmation. And it will take about two weeks to proceed with the received paperwork. Yet you should be very attentive while submitting the license plate. As the DMV can refuse many of the combinations chosen by the applicant. Here are the common reasons for the license plate refusal in Louisiana.

  • The numbers “1” or “0” can not stand instead of the letters “I” or “O”.
  • Three letters after three numbers or three numbers after three letters are not allowed.
  • Some signs like “%”, “@”, “#”, etc. are not permitted.
  • The DMV will also reject a duplicated logo within the combination.
  • The combination can not contain more than seven letters or numbers.
  • You can not apply for the specialty plate combination assigned to someone else.
  • The DMV can not accept ethnic, vulgar, racial content that can be abusive.

For example, the DMV rejected “Evil666”, “HOT1079”, “SLAYER”, “BOOG3RS”, “CRAYCRAY”, “ASSASIN”, etc. This is because of the inappropriate content.

Almost all these reasons you may meet while applying for the license plate in the State of Arkansas.

The registration fee is $25 annually. But you should also pay an extra $3.50 for the administration fee and $8 as a handling fee.

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