Louisiana Marriage License

Louisiana Marriage License

You should know in advance what documents or info you need to present for marrying legally. Therefore, we provide a quick summary of the whole application process that will guide you.

Louisiana marriage license application

To apply for the marriage license in Louisiana you and your partner need to go to the Clerk of Court Office in person. After that, you should submit an application. You can download the application and fill it in in advance as well. Both partners need to be present. If only one is present the application must contain the other party’s notarized signature. Yet, there is no need to present the signature if one of the applicants is a US arms forces member. A copy of military ID may substitute for a signature.

The package of the required documents are as follows:

  • One of these documents which confirm your identity: passport, driver license, or other personal ID such as state ID
  • Both party’s certified copy of a birth certificate or card
  • Both party’s social security number (for the US residents) or valid passport or unexpired visa (for the foreigners)
  • Proof of previous marriage dissolution. If one of the partners has been married before he or she must present one of these documents: copies of the last divorce decree or his/her spouse’s death certificate.

In case one or more of these documents are in a foreign language you must submit the translation by a certified translator or consulate.

There are parishes where you can apply for the license online as well.

Name changing

The name change is a very personal decision. In Louisiana, this process seems more complicated than in any other state. In case you want to change your name you can do so by

  • filling a petition in Louisiana district court
  • presenting the supporting documents that confirm your identity
  • attending a court hearing
  • convincing the judge that your name change is necessary.

Blood test and relations

No blood test is required in Louisiana anymore. However, marriage between persons related by blood and even adoption (in the 4th-degree collateral) is prohibited. In other words, only second cousins are allowed to marry.

Louisiana marriage license waiting period

There is a 24 hours period of waiting. That means that there should be a full day between the license issuance and the wedding ceremony. However, if a special need arises the ceremony may take place earlier.

For that, the applicants should waive the waiting period. The district judges or the local public officer – justice of the peace authorize the waiving process. There are cases such as for non-resident applicants when the officiant can waive the 24 hours waiting period.

Remember that the waiving document should be attached to the certificate at the time of returning it to the Louisiana Vital Records Registry.

Ceremony location

The marriage ceremony must take place in Louisiana. However, the parties must not be residents of Louisiana. Two witnesses and an officiant should be present during the wedding ceremony.

Louisiana marriage certificate

You can also purchase a marriage certificate. In one of the parishes – Orleans Parish you can order your certificate։

  • in person (for this, you should appear in the Vital Records Office)
  • by email (for this, you need to request a copy from the Vital Records Registry)
  • by telephone, fax, or internet (you can order the certificate through VitalChek Network with additional fees).

In other parishes, you can get it by contacting the District Clerk court.

License expiration date

Once obtained a marriage license in Louisiana is valid for 30 days. Compared with the Kansas marriage license validity period of 6 months, one month is a very short period. If you don’t marry during this period your license becomes invalid. Then you must return the old license to the Clerk’s Office. No refunding is available. After that, you should renew it if you still wish to marry. For that, you may need to pay an additional fee.

License age requirements

As in other states of the US, there is an age restriction in obtaining a marriage license. According to Louisiana law of 01.08.2019, the minimum age for marrying is 16. That means people under 16 cannot get a marriage license. Besides, individuals between the ages of 16 and 17 can’t marry a person who is 3 or more years older than them. If a person from this age group wants to marry legally he or she must present the following documents:

  • Both parents’ and legal guardian’s written consent
  • The judge’s written consent form

And understandably, individuals aged 18 can legally get a license in Louisiana without any permission.

Louisiana marriage license fees

You can purchase a Louisiana marriage license for $27.50․ You must pay an additional $5 for the marriage certificate. The mailing state charge for the transaction is $0.50. No fee is refundable. You can pay the fee by cash, money order, check, credit, or debit card.

Marriage types

Covenant marriage in Louisiana

You can have an option of covenant marriage in Louisiana. Entering into a covenant marriage means two things:

  • Firstly, both parties must agree that they will seek premarital or marital counseling in case problems arise,
  • Secondly, they have limited reasons for a divorce. In other words, it is harder to get a divorce in this kind of marriage.

For entering into a covenant marriage both partners should sign a declaration of intent with the presence of a notary. Thus, this document makes sure that the parties will do everything to preserve their marriage. Those steps include premarital and marital counseling from a marriage therapist, clergyman, minister, or priest of any religious body.

Afterward, the couple signs an Affidavit and Attestation form. It confirms that the marriage counselor has discussed with the couple the seriousness of this kind of marriage. Very importantly, applicants must present these documents to the official who issues the Louisiana marriage license.

Same-sex marriages in Louisiana

Louisiana allows same-sex marriages legally since 2015. It occurred after the decision of the US Supreme Court. Moreover, couples can even adopt a child.

Proxy marriages in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana doesn’t allow proxy marriages. There are only a few states that do not prohibit marriages in a proxy.

Proxy marriage is when one or both partners aren’t physically present during their wedding ceremony.

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