Louisiana Plumbing License

Louisiana Plumbing License

If you decide to become a plumber, you must get a Louisiana Plumbing License. It is neither easy to do, nor a quick process to take. The state has very stringent requirements, and it starts from the first type. There are more than 400.000 plumbers in the world, and you can find about 9,000 in this community.

The State Plumbing Board of Louisiana is responsible for issuing the types. This Board is responsible for only two varieties: Journeyman and Master. Meanwhile, the State Licensing Board is responsible for the Commercial Contractor.

The Types

In Louisiana, you can find three classes. Here they are:

  • Journeyman
  • Master
  • Contractor

Before obtaining one of them, you have to apply for an apprentice and pay the price, which is $20. Then, when it is complete, you are able to apply for a license.


To be qualified for the test, you have to meet the below-mentioned points:

  • You have to be registered as an apprentice, complete an Apprenticeship program, or be in the last year of it. Otherwise, you have to show your five years of experience in this field under the supervision of a Plumber having permission.
  • If you have a valid license in another land, you are able to provide it and be qualified for the exam that you have to take.


You have to provide a thing if you want to take an assessment for it, unlike the previous sort. For it, you have to show your Journeyman permit.

Contractor (Statewide)

You need to receive it for commercial projects. The commercial projects include all the costs of materials and labor. So, if you decide to legally perform plumbing work (which values more than $10000), you need to obtain this variety.

Steps to Get a Louisiana Plumber’s License

You have to know all the steps to get it. After going through them, you will have a permit to start working in this field. So let’s see the steps:

  • Your age must be 16 or older. Then, you have to be registered and complete an Apprentice Project.
  • Having 5 years of experience under the supervision of a Master is necessary, or you have to show your permit of another land.
  • After being qualified for the exam, you have to apply for it and give the application price.
  • If you have acquired your passing grade, you are responsible for having ongoing education.
  • Having enough experience, you may start thinking about your own business. For that purpose, you have to obtain a Master’s. In order to have it, you have to take another assessment. So you have to submit a request, do the payments, pass the exam, and so on.

The Costs

As you may know, the fees vary in every land for every sort. For example, you will not meet the exact costs in Illinois or Indiana. So let’s see the expenses for the classes here:

  • For Journeyman, there is $135 for request and $50 for initial.
  • For Master, the application payment is $110, and the initial one is $190(active) or $40 (inactive).
  • And for contractors, there is $120 for a single classification—another $120 for the Business and Law requirements.
  • For Background Financial Investigation, you have to pay $60. However, if your company is not located here, you have to pay $400.

Training Schools and Programs

There are a lot of schools and projects that help people to be skilled in plumbing. You can find the best ones mentioned below:

  • SOWELA Technical Community College
  • Central Technical Community College
  • River Parishes

The tuition depends on the kind you choose. It starts from $2,000 to $40,000. Your age must be at least 18, and you have to hold GED or just a high school diploma.

The Journeymen has two parts. The Workforce Commission regulates apprenticeship programs:

  • 80 question and 3-hour written test
  • 1-hour practical hands-on examination

The test includes topics such as:

  • International Residential Code (2015)
  • Construction, Title 17
  • International Plumbing Code (2015)

The practical part is based on:

  • Screw Pipe
  • Copper
  • Floor plan

The Master’s examination has three parts.

  • 80 questions, and a three-hour quiz based on the same topics mentioned above
  • 25 questions, two-hour quiz based on the Title 51, Public Health Sanitary Code
  • 40 questions, two-hour quiz, which includes the topic such as NASCLA

You have to submit your request 30 days before the examination.

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