Louisiana Medical License

Louisiana Medical License

Want to practice medicine but don’t know where to begin? So many examinations and application phases to go through. And yet, you don’t know which comes first and foremost. In this article, we have all you need to know about the Louisiana Medical License.

Firstly, you should know that not everyone with a medical degree can obtain a medical license. So, there’s some work to do and some requirements to achieve.

If you want your name to appear in the LA Medical License lookup results, make sure you meet the requirements, complete all the documentation, and finalize successfully. Even though this process sounds a bit scary, it’s not rocket science.

Louisiana Medical License requirements?

Let’s first discuss all the educational requirements:

  • At least 1 year ACGME accredited training. If you are an international medical graduate you will have to have at least 3 ACGME accredited training.
  • A Medical doctorate from a US or internationally accredited medical school.

In addition to these, you should also be able to provide the following:

  • Letters of attestation from a program director.
  • An unrestricted medical license to practice medicine in the US.
  • Successful examination process.

You will have to pay a $382 fee to the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners. After applying, there is a monitored exam to make you eligible for a Louisiana Medical License. Some other requirements also include a Board Certification by the ABMS or the AOA. You can also go through the SPEX or COMVEX-USA examination.

The application process is as follows. If you want your name in the Louisiana Medical Board License lookup, you need a profile with the FCVS (Federation Credentials Verification Service). So, if you’ve established this profile in the past, the Louisiana Medical License processing will last between 12-14 weeks. Otherwise, the average time for this procedure is between 16-20 weeks. The Board might also extend the time for review in some cases.

After your application is reviewed by the Board, it is sent to quality assurance to be reviewed again. You will have to go through a personal interview with the board and a physician.

If you’ve done a “Medical License lookup Louisiana” you’ve definitely come across many types of licenses like nursing. The above mentioned requirements are general and you are most likely to go through that process. However, depending on the type of medical license you want to acquire, these can vary.

Make sure to contact the Louisiana Medical Board to learn about your further steps.

Tips for successful license application

The following checklist should help you out while applying:

  1. Once you contact a licensing board, ask for current requirements.
  2. Provide the licensing board with a well-written CV.
  3. From April to September there’s an increasing number of applicants for a medical license, so make sure to choose the best period.
  4. Be patient since you may get lots of delays.

Make sure you’re all set and prepared for the Medical Licensure process before you go through it. For a successful completion it’s important to have the required education, meet all demands, and present a relevant application.

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