Louisiana HVAC License

Louisiana HVAC License

In Louisiana, there are only two ways to get the HVAC License. You should graduate from a trade school situated there, or you can just show that you have already completed the internship. The main difference between these two is that trade school is expensive. It will cost you nearly 12,000$ to get your degree. On the other hand, starting your internship right after you finished high school will give you a great experience, but it will be a little bit harder. Both options can help you to become an expert; therefore, you should choose the most convenient way for you.

Another significant advantage is that Louisiana has an agreement with several other US states, which means that Louisiana’s HVAC license will consider legal there. Those states are: Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia and, Utah.

Is the education required for a Louisiana HVAC license?

In total, there are 16 schools in Louisiana that offer programs for the students. These programs can last from six months to two years, and each of the programs has its cost. Some of the colleges that offer these studies in Louisiana are :

  • Caddo Career & Technology Center,
  • Baton Rouge Community College,
  • South Louisiana Community College,
  • Delgado Community College,
  • Louisiana Delta Community College,
  • ITI Technical College,
  • Northwest Louisiana Technical College,
  • Northshore Technical Community College,
  • South Central Louisiana Technical College-Young Memorial Campus.

What are the options for the HVAC license in Louisiana?

The only license that Louisiana offers is the Mechanical Work Contractor license. Moreover, this license has three main sub-licenses.

  1. The first one is- Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Duct Work, and Refrigeration sublicense.
  2. The second sublicense is- Industrial Pipe Work and Insulation sublicense.
  3. The third one is- Controls for Mechanical Work sublicense.

But… What are the main requirements for getting this license?

Basically, there are several types of exams and other necessary documents that you should have in order to receive the license. Those requirements are-

  • Pass the trade exam

Trade exam is supervised by the Louisiana State Board of Contractors’ Department of Examinations and Assessment. It costs 120$, and it’s a closed book exam with 120 multiple-choice questions.

  • Pass the law exam

Law exams can be taken online. It is an open book exam, and it has 80 multiple-choice questions.

  • Pass the business exam

The business exam is very similar to the law exam. You can choose whether you want to give it at home or at the test center. This exam also has 80 multiple choice questions, and you need to write at least 70% right in order to pass the exam.

  • Provide documents for your financial statement

However, there is one important mark, people who already have one of these licenses mentioned below, are not required to take the HVAC trade exam-

  • Louisiana General Contractor License,
  • Home Builder License in Louisiana,
  • Louisiana Mechanical License.

Is there any need to renews the Louisiana HVAC license?

The HVAC license is valid for only one year. Therefore, before that one year expires, you should start the renewing process. Consequently, for renewing the HVAC license, you just need to pass six weeks of training and pay a small amount fee.

What about the Louisiana HVAC salary? Is it worth it?

It surely is!

This is because experts that have Louisiana HVAC license receive nearly $43,000 in one year. However, in some cases, the salary can be up to $62,000. The amount is changeable, and it mainly depends on the amount and quality of work.

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