Louisiana Contractor License

Louisiana Contractor License

Looking for in-depth information about obtaining and maintaining a contractor’s license in the state of Louisiana?  Do you want to know all the laws and regulations applied exclusively in this state that will expedite the process of getting your contractor’s license?  Keep reading because all these queries and further details will be uncovered in this article.

How do I get a contractor’s license in Louisiana?

To carry out construction works in Louisiana legally you must hold a contractor’s license. Based on the area of work and the value of project contractor’s licenses are divided into certain categories and are issued by the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.

Major types of contractor’s licenses are as follows:

  • Commercial contractor license: This type of license is needed for commercial projects of $50,000 (including materials and labor) or more. For plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work subcontractors need a license if the project is exceeding $10,000.
  • Residential contractor license: Every residential building contractor should hold this type of license when the cost of the project exceeds $75.000. Subcontractors performing works in the residential building should hold a valid license too.
  • Home improvement contractor license: This type of license is required if the total project value exceeds $7,500 but is less than $75,000. Individuals holding commercial or residential licenses are exempt from registration requirements of this type of license.

Does Louisiana require a contractor’s license?

If you’re a general contractor, a subcontractor, an engineer or, an architect you are bound to hold a license to work legally in Louisiana. Prior to your application for a contractor’s license you need to have a registered business approved by the Louisiana Secretary of State. Whether you want to register your business as LLC, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, all the needed processes should be conducted online through the official website of the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Once you have chosen the type of license you need and got your business registered, start to prepare documents for your application. On your application form, the following section must be is filled:

  • Business registration section where a Louisiana Secretary of State Chart number should be included for LLCs, corporations, or limited partnership business entities. Along with chart number, email address, social security number, and tax ID must be provided as well.
  •  “Qualifying party” section: A “qualifying party” is the person, contractor applying for the license. In this section, applicants should present their name, physical address, email address, birthday, social security number.
  • Financial statement information: a proof of your financial standing where applicants net worth should be at least $10,000. This statement must be notarized by an independent auditor.
  • Insurance coverage certificates: Along with your application form, the proofs of proper insurance coverage are mandatory for residential and home improvement contractor’s licenses. Make sure to have general liability insurance and worker’s compensation that covers up to $100, 000.

How much is a contractor’s license in Louisiana?

You should make a payment for each category of contractor’s license you are applying for. A non-refundable application fee applies for each classification costing $100. Once your application form has been approved you are eligible to take your exam which costs $120.

Before your main exam, you need to pass an open-book, one-hour Business & Law exam that asks general licensing and contracting questions. After successful completion, the next step is to pass your classification exam where to be qualified for licensing you need to pass at least a 70% score.

On your exam day, make sure to bring the below-mentioned items to the test center:

  • Approval letters
  • Registration confirmation
  • Valid ID
  • Social security number

How do I find out if a contractor is licensed in Louisiana?

Based on the project value of each classified license type, a contractor carrying out home improvement or residential projects in the state of Louisiana should hold a contractor’s license. Individuals carrying out a job without required licenses will face serious penalties.

Any fraudulent, dishonest act that caused damage to another individual or business is considered a violation of policy. The board will decide to suspend or disqualify the contractor’s license. Luckily, you can prevent yourself from such accidents through the contractor’s license lookup option of the Louisiana Secretary of State. Learn further details by visiting here http://www.lslbc.louisiana.gov/contractor-search/

Louisiana contractor’s license lookup allows you to verify if the contractor is licensed to perform the work or not. Additionally, you can also found out if the business is in good standing or not, confirm the names of business owners, check to see if there are any lawsuits against their bond, and learn much more.

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